Sunday, September 6, 2015

Born Again

"Born Again" is title for a Haiku I wrote some years ago:

Great owl perches on
the horns of the moon, while
clouds sing ancient song
(actually I just changed the two words in the last line, which had been clouds murmur a song but I felt wasn't strong enough. There should be a 5 syllabic count on the 3rd line, so this works!)

A great post by Justine at her blog goes with this, as her post is about the full moon Here. Her artwork is whimsical and I love it! You might want to check out her gallery. She's passionate about Halloween, just as I am!

I was happy when Mr. Fix-it Man got the new door in. It's not finished, yet, still needs trim and the storm door put on, but it's wonderful to have a working door again, just off my office. It has little blinds inside the glass window, so you can close it off completely, or slat them or even lift them for a complete view. 

I stepped out on this humid morning with a fog over the field, and blotting out the world around me, and sucked in good old clean, country air. I listened to the birds around me. There were crows out there, but there was one that croaked, and I wasn't sure what that was. Then, through the trees I saw something large flying, wings at least as big as a hawk's and I watched it land in one of our front trees. It's breast was streaked with rust on a white breast. Then, when it flew away, saw it had a zonal tail (stripes across it), so I figured it must be a marsh hawk. This one hangs out around the farm. Has plenty of little morsels to go after. They fly very low, and are very swift.

Yesterday he and son, installed one new window in the room above me. I sat here listening to the racket, but it didn't bother me at all. Once they get that room done, it will become my craft room. There will be two new windows, and he'll have one that needed to be framed out done, and an electrical outlet also put in. They also will install a new window in a south-facing upper story room. Boy, this 1902 house needs a lot of repairs. He told my husband the chimney is collapsing. We wanted to have the chimney removed, back 15 years ago while we had the roofers here. But the supervisor said he would do it. That, as well as the front door, and a number of other things never got finished. Now that there's a new supervisor, and our superintendent is able to hire out for these different jobs on the forest preserve house here at Afton, we will also have a new furnace and new heat ducts installed. That, I'm sure, will be gotten to soon.

I was able to get in some yoga this morning. Brother, these mornings have been getting too cluttered for me to get around to things. Even on the weekend! I've got to continue these movements to keep me limber. I want to delve more into these things on a spiritual level. I'm learning more about the link between Taoism and Pantheism--which is where my spiritual center lies. I'm not so much a pagan as I've once alluded to, or thought of myself as. I believe that the spirit of God (for lack of a better word), is in ALL living things. I don't believe that God is a separate entity that you pray to or ask for things. The desire for things to go your way will not be bent just because of prayer. Things happen they way they do, I believe, because that is its course. In any case, I've never thought it does much good to pray to A God. The belief in such just lacks something for me. I look at things like animals, plants and such and feel more related to them than the average person. I think the disregard for life lies within the wrong assumption we'll be punished after we die. I think you need to revere life. All life, including human life, in the now.

Recently, I've looked into a place to send poetry, but it only wants 3 line poems. Thus it's called "Three Line Poetry", so I thought I would try them with a few, like the one above. They do pay, but it's a small amount, like $1.50/poem to paypal. I haven't tried to send any of my poetry out, in years. Guess I might as well try this for the heck of it. You don't make much $ with poetry, this I've learned a long time ago. People just won't pick up a book of poems like they do a good novel. I've made as little as $5/per, and as much as $10, elsewhere, back when I was sending stuff out. I was trying to accumulate my writing credits. Nice to say you've been published in a dozen places (see my writing credits). I've also been published in ByLine, as well as Writer's Digest, for various things, like articles, and just "words". I never was good enough for ByLine poetry. I don't know. I thought the poetry editor had a stick up her ass. 

And with that in mind, I want to leave you with this...

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all.