Saturday, November 19, 2011

A New Writing Project ~ "Like going out with a new guy"

And so I wake up early this morning--I mean EARLY! 3 a.m! Because I have ideas for this different novel I'd like to write. It's going to be a mystery. I've probably mentioned it.

I turned on my light in my office, shoved on my glasses and grabbed a pen and a notebook--a very nice one I bought especially for this novel, in fact. I bought it at Barns & Nobels (on sale HAH! with a gift card HAH!)

I think the note-taking process is just as enjoyable as once you begin writing the book. It's comparable to going out with a new guy. You're trying to get to know him, learn where he's from, what he likes, and any little mysteries you can pull out of him. Yeah. I think I like that analogy.

Penning down those beginning thoughts is stage one of the pre-writing stage. You might have the character's names down (I do--some of the main ones), you might have an idea of where you'd like to go with it (I do, sort of), and you may even have a few scenes written out somewhere--on paper or in a document in your computer (both).

This beginning stage will turn a little more exciting as time goes by. You begin thinking more about the book (him), a niggle of a thought wakes you up and you have to write it down. Is it (love) a novel I really think I can work on from start to finish? When you wake up in the middle of the night, you know it's (love/a serious relationship) something you can commit to. When all you can do is think, eat and dream about the book (him), you know it has to be love. You are smitten. This is a good thing. This one won't let you down, either. You're sure of it because it's all fresh and new.

Yep. I'm in pre-love stages. I want this to happen, but I'm going to be careful (hah! famous last words!!) and do more notes and work up some ideas. Since this is a mystery, I have to figure out the mystery first. I've read somewhere you need to figure that out and work backwards. Well, I work backwards anyway, so it might just be good.

As I write this I'm waiting on word for the second novel Vampire's Trill eBook to be released. I'm told this coming week. I hope so. And with New Dawn having come out, I'm glad. Why? Because I can say to you--promise you there are no glittery vampires that walk around in the daytime, no whiny teenagers, and the werewolves are normal size. And as men they're usually scary, ride Harley's, or are very handsome and smell great. There are elves, and I introduce a leprechaun--and he is unusual even as a human. Sabrina's got a mission--to save her boss, Mr. Tremayne, from going into hibernation in order to make his hearing in Dark World (a bad-ass demon realm). And that isn't even all of the story! That's just part of it!

I will post more about the book's release in the days to come. I plan on having my own NaNoMo coming up. December is when I have some time off and hope to begin doing some writing on the new mystery.


  1. Yes. New ideas and stories are soooo exciting.

  2. I'm so excited you're writing a mystery, Lorelei! LOVE mystery! And congrats on the upcoming release of Vampire's Trill

  3. Hi, Linda! I've been wanting to put together a mystry for a while, and I'm sure once I've got some time in December I think I'll be able to begin a little more earnestly to write it.

    Thank you, and I'm glad you stopped by.

  4. I love, love, love the brainstorming stage. It's one of my favorite moments in the whole process. There's just nothing like exploring a shiny idea and knowing there's a great story waiting to be told. :)


  5. That is so true, Angela!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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