Saturday, January 28, 2012

Like Screaming Children Vying for Attention

I'm sitting at the kitchen table, perhaps having a glass of wine in the evening with my husband, and the quiet moment steals over me and there I am, thinking again of the scene.The words in my head come. Then the scene fleshes out. I'm staring, not seeing anything but the scene... voices in my head...

This ever happens to you, then you know what I'm talking about.

And there isn't just one scene, or only one book. There are other scenes and other books and other stories... choosing which ones to write, or allow my mind to ponder, it has become like screaming children vying for my aattentions. Each one is different. Each one has different needs. Each one is further along (older) than the other.

So, it has become somewhat like I am a parent, raising children when I work on my various stories and books. Choosing just one is difficult because you love them all equally.


I have a number of shorter pieces--not exactly short stories, as some are long enough to be novellas, or something--which are in my drawer. So, I've taken one out and am working on this one. It is a horror story. I'd like to place it and I know who I will try with it. Dark Moon Horror takes novellas and novelettes. I've already made contact and had one short story and now a poem accepted by them, I think the next step would be to try a novella or such and that could be published with them. They only take horror. They take nothing else. The editor, Lori Michele Branson for the publication, has swept up both with eager arms.

So, I've got a short horror going in my head (I have it written, but will rewrite it). I still want to go back to another short horror piece I had begun as well. Then there is the mystery I've begun.

And let us not forget I've got the Sabrina Strong Series #3 &#4 books that I'm working on simultaneously.

Yes, my children. All in good time... all in good time.

How many projects do you work on at the same time, or have in various degrees of drafts?


  1. Like you, I will sometimes work on all my projects at once. But right now, I'm focusing on getting Secondhand Shoes polished, as you know. And I'm also writing the next book to it. I'm about five chapters's handwritten and some is on the 4GB.

    Hey! Have a nice glass of wine or a margarita for me. I'm highly allergic to alcohol. Haven't had a drink since 2004. Sometimes it just drives me crazy.

  2. I'm having a delightful Moscato tonight. It slips down my throat like liquid silver, and pulverizes those little gray cells of the brain.. well, I'm not exactly sure what color they are, but I'm destroying a few tonight.

    Happy writing, mon cher!


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