Sunday, February 26, 2012

Taking a Breather

Not from writing, but from some of the other stuff.

As you all know I was to have a book signing yesterday at B&N, which I had canceled. So glad I did.
I now will be talking to a local grocery store manager about having one in his store. I didn't approach him, but friends of mine did, which surprised me. I had intended to talk to him about it, but never found the time, or he wasn't around for me to breach the subject. But now I've got an appointment to go and meet with him this week! So exciting!

Last weekend I posted about choosing a title for my next book.  A number of you swung by and made your comments and suggestions and I thank you for that. I was surprised I had so many of you stop by here on the blog, and also at one the facebook groups I belong to, as well. I want to have an official vote on the titles suggested to me soon. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully more people will vote for their favorite one. I still intend on giving the one person who's title wins a free book (either ebook or book), if their suggestion wins.

I'm also amazed when I go to one of my facebook sites (usually it's the Lorelei Bell one), and someone new has come and liked it. I've had 5 just this week and I believe all were people who had read my book, because I don't know any of them. One lady said she "loved" my books and is looking forward to the third one. She inspired me to get back to work on the third book. (I had been working steadily in the fourth book but, hey, that one is at least a year away from being ready.) I was taking a break from the third book so as to approach it with fresh eyes and to find some repetitions, lines that weren't working and so forth. This may not be my final edit. It may take one or two more before I'm ready to send it to my publisher.

This morning, I slept in. Very nice to do that. My husband woke me up, kissed me on the head and said he didn't want to have coffee without me. (Awwww).

So, I'm signing off for now. Hope all is going well with you guys out there too!


  1. Hey, Miss Lorelei! I saw this post in one of the million groups that we belong to *laughs* only to realize that i had yet to subscribe to this site. Hmm? Don't know how that happened...
    A breather sounds good... What's a breather? ;)
    Have a great week.


  2. What an oversight, Jimmy! I guess we need to throw some raisins at you, huh?

    Have a great week yourself. I'll make a point of getting over to your blog sooner than I did last time.(^;


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