Monday, March 11, 2013

Up Dates and Giveaway

If you have not had the chance to stop by my main blog Lorelei's Muse, and would like a chance to win my latest book, please do so before the day is out. I've been running a 3-day giveaway for the signed copy of the paperback of Vampire Nocturne, and this is the last day.

I've been trying to put ending on my 6th novel of the Sabrina Strong Series, and you know it never fails. The scenes of what happens next grab me and I have to write it down. Which I've done. It's almost like I'm an invisible entity and my task is to write down Sabrina's life as it happens. Weird. I've only got a few notes and a scene, and stuff in my head which I'm holding there.

Meanwhile, I'm promoting Vampire Nocturne, now. I'll be on a few more blogs as host, and hope to hit VampChix too. Got that in the works. I'll be announcing those host posts soon on Lorelei's Muse, but I can tell you, I'll be on Lucy Pireel's blog tomorrow! Wheeee!
I want to thank those of you who've shared and posted my book cover or the news of the give away.
Shelly Arkon at her Life of a Novice Writer
William Kendall at Speak of the Devil
And all my friends at Writers of Mass Distraction!
Vampire Nocturne


  1. Ohhh...I think I promised to do this, too, didn't I? Am I too late?

    I hope it's a HUGE success, Lorelei!

  2. Not to worry, Norma. Everything went smoothly and people came to the ball--even the ones who were not US residents. I think they did me a great favor in doing so!

  3. Sometimes the writing has a way of taking charge of the writer, rather than the other way around.


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