Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vampire Fans Wanted, Dead or Alive

Ha. Ha. Joke. Get it?

I have been working all summer on the 8th book. I have had this further section written, it seems like forever. A few months ago, probably. I finally got the in between and middle sections written, just today. I've got over 260 pages done in this. I'm not the type who puts some sort of word count per day on myself. If it feels right, I write. If not, I won't force it. All summer I've had things to do, other things to occupy my time, like gardening, and crocheting. I was feeling somewhat burned out back in the spring and just needed to chill on the writing. This was a good plan of action. Each day I did write, I got a little further along. It adds up.

Yep. I've got a birthday coming up (August 27th). I've always hated the date my birthday came on. It was always after school started. In this case, I begin work again, next week--NIU starts back up and I'm driving the big bus again. And Wednesday I'll be on it for 7 hours. Bummer.

But I've been celebrating it all month long by having my first two ebooks of the Sabrina Strong series at 99 cents each.

Vampire Ascending
Vampire's Trill

I won't be doing this again. I only turn (60) once in a life time.


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