Sunday, September 18, 2016

Finally... A Bookstore!

Hello, my gentle readers, I join you today with good news! Two weeks ago a bookstore opened up in a nearby town (DeKalb, IL), and they are much MUCH better than those bigger snooty stores--we shall not name them.

My husband, Dennis, and I went in to see it the other day after lunch. It's a very nice place, has everything you'd want, and yet it isn't too big or overwhelming. 

Here is link to their facebook page, and there is a nice little slide show of their offerings.

While I was perusing the shelves for my favorite authors (I've many, but they are mostly in mysteries and fantasy, but also I found Grisham, as well), Dennis was looking around, wanting to buy a brand new atlas (which he did find). And someone came up to him asking him if he needed help in finding anything. I could barely hear this from several rows away while trying to decide on one of the Murder She Wrote books or one of the books in the alphabet series by Sue Grafton (I went with Murder She Wrote: "The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher").

I meandered over as Dennis and the gentleman stepped with him. We shook hands over introductions. Dennis is basically my manager and will speak to anyone about me and my books. I let him do that because I'm somewhat shy and don't like to brag about myself a lot. But I do in times when it's needed.

Anyway, we spoke about getting my books into the store. Found out they don't order the books, but I can bring them in and they sell on consignment. Well, golly gee! This is like when I was in the crafting business. He said getting my books into the store will give people a chance to see and buy them, and as a sort of advertisement to a future book signing. The consignment is a 60% - 40% split. He told me that I would have to determine if it would be a good enough profit for me.

Well, I have been in touch with my publisher, Miika, and he thought I could make "a nice little profit" off them.

I'm working on figuring out which ones and how many. I thought small amounts at first. I don't want to overwhelm them with all 6 of my books--Spell of the Black Unicorn being the only non-Sabrina Strong one. I thought maybe two of the first books in series and see how it goes.

I've also posted about it, asking if anyone in my area, who can get to the bookstore in DeKalb, wants/needs one of my books, could tell me, and I'd order and get it into the store for them (and maybe a few more to make sure).

So, this is the news. My last best news was the new cover for my first book. I think it came out really well, and I can see it sitting on a shelf in a new bookstore soon!


  1. Those big snooty store still exist? I thought Amazon put them out of business!

  2. B&N are still around, but only in cities, I suppose. Borders went under years ago. Family run types, like these get by. These stores are in several states, from what I learned.


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