Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Party to a Murder

Contract signed, and I now have to proofread through the mss. Sort of exciting at this stage. Have just signed the contract too. I'm sure Miika will find a suitable cover, and so that'll be next.

I've got only seven more days of not having to go into a job--a job that at this point in life I've managed to make tolerable, merely because of my seniority (and can take the bus run I want--the easy one). It's still a disruption. But the semester is only 8 weeks long with "spring break" which I won't drive, in between.

So, anyway, I'll have to read through the book for anything out of whack, and that part will be done.

Meanwhile, I'm still in the mid-way point of writing the next murder mystery, but I'll hold that off, but make notes as they come to me--or if I just have to write a scene, I'll do that too. Having head spins here!

When these things are finished I'll have my first ever murder mystery published and I hope things go well with it.

More as things progress.


  1. It sounds like things are progressing well.

    1. At this point, yes. I can screw things up at any point here after, though. (:

  2. At least you're making progress! I promised Miika I'd have my next one to him months ago!


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