Saturday, February 4, 2017


No. I don't mean dreading to do taxes. That's the easy part. The hard part is getting tax forms sent to you. I don't have an operational printer, thus all their lovely PDF forms are no good to me.

They say you can get forms at "most libraries, post offices, or tax services". You ever try that? I think the people who grab them grab about ten at a time as soon as they come out. I think they may camp out at the post office waiting for these forms like people do for the newest hot phone or gadget they don't need, because by the time we try and find one, they're out.

Oh, and don't get me started I live in ILLINOIS. People have moved OUT OF THE STATE because it sucks more than it used to. We'd love to move, but just can't at this time. But wishing and doing are two different things, right?

Oh, yes. Sure. Go on line to the dot gov place and try skimming through all the garbage and try and figure out what forms you need, where they are, and think you've found it, and by golly, you've got the PDF form again.Thanks! Doesn't help ME!!!

Trying to get tax forms sent to you is like trying to squeeze water from a rock. I was finally able to find the place to send away from federal forms and booklet to be mailed to me, like I have always done. But Illinois is a different story. I guess they're too poor to send these things to you by mail any more.

You've heard that the state is in this flux of head bashing between the governor and the gate keepers who don't want to budge. Well, I don't give a flying crap about their ideas and politics. Dennis and I have always tried to do the right thing by filing every year. He has always checked the box which asks if you want forms sent to you next year.


Dennis said that he had ordered forms in past years, but the number they provided this year wasn't it. He hunted back and found the phone # for ordering from a past year booklet on the back, he had to go back to 2014, I think before he found it. The current #'s they give you are closed, or aren't what we want.

Yeah. Got these things ordered now. My blood pressure came down decidedly, thank you. The form we needed for Health Care came this year, too, OH JOY!!! For some reason it wasn't sent last year and we got  notice from IRS telling us we needed to fill that out before we could see any of the return we were due. That took about a month and a half once we got the form, filled it out and sent it back to them. We wrote it off as never seeing the money, but it finally came. This year at least this form was sent to us.

Tea time, I think, after folding laundry. But first...

Here's a funny video from Marx Brothers film. Something to do with taxes. Or Taxes?
I gotta uncle lives in Taxes


  1. Collin files our taxes online through Turbo Tax. He got them filed the first day the IRS started accepting returns. I'd be climbing the walls if I had to go through all you're dealing with.

  2. ~Norma, that's for people who are comfortable doing that on-line. I get nervous just doing what I did!
    ~William, yes it is!


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