Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Victorian Pieces to Ponder

I've been researching the clothing and accessories of the Victorian era. Lots of things to think about when I'm adding little details into my work on the third book. The watch here is called a pendant watch. Women wore these like jewelry.

They wore chokers, like this one. I happen to have some chokers that came from my mother, and I'm thinking they came from her mother. I have a black pearl one and a white pearl choker.

After browsing the on-line store where I found these, I had to address some things that I needed to address with my book. So, while a lovely thunderstorm came in, I sat at my desk and worked.

A big climax scene coming up, once I get to that point. I had to write down all the characters who will be in it. There are a number of them. This is going to be quite a climax. Thus I had to figure out not only who would be there, but how they would effect the ending. But, before I could even do that, I had to know what their goal was. What were they after. Or what did they go to this one place in the castle for.

In order to get things all organized, I took out my trusty note cards and wrote a name of a character on each one--all the characters who would have something to do with this climax scene. It looked roughly like this:

GOAL: He is interested in Sabrina for her blood--for himself. Even though he has been given directions to get her to the dungeon and not to touch her. He has a foot fetish and can't help himself. It will be his undoing.
ROLL: after his attempt, and fails, and is injured, the tries to salvage his dignity in the end by having a sword fight with Jett. He is killed by Drakulya--impaled by his sword.

I then took a sheet of plain white paper and wrote Sabrina's name in the center, and then surrounding her with all the names of the people who are there in this climax. I drew lines with arrows pointing to who ever they are after. A lot of arrows are pointed at Sabrina, but that's to be expected. A lot of arrows are pointed toward the bad guys too.

It was the best thing I could think of so as to visually bring the event together. I'm a visual person. I like to work with charts, and what have you to visualize the events of my book.

Since this climax has more than a dozen people involved, plus a magical object--which has it's own card--I needed to begin fleshing things out so that I could start working on an outline of what happens when. It seems to work for me.

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