Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vampires With Foot Fetish?

I woke up with this idea. You know how it is, you have this idea and you just can't let it go? That was me this morning.

I have Alucard, who I'm basically making as only one of the nasty people Sabrina has to deal with on Beyond Black Veil. His job, basically, is as a blood broker at a place called Arabella's. It's like a tavern back in the late 1800's--say, Dodge City. Well, that's where Arabella is from, and the time she had come to B.B.V.

But back to Alucard. The vampire has approached Sabrina once while she was at Arabella's, and tried to take her in the back to sample her blood. Enter hero, Jett. So his whole idea of tasting Sabrina's blood is squashed for time being.

Fast forward to a later chapter. The ball. This is where Sabrina is pretty sure she is going to find her cousin. That was the whole purpose of her being on this other world. She isn't trapped there, but other people are. She'd met another person who doesn't belong there and knows if she, her cousin and this guy are all there, there has to be more. Her sense of duty calls.

Ah, but there's a whole lot of bad people willing to screw things up for her.

Alucard only being one of the bad guys.

I don't know where the idea came from but I thought, Huh, make Alucard have a foot fetish, and he's licking her feet when she wakes up from the drug he put in her drink. I figured the guy has to have his fetish. It gives him character. Plus, well, it's funny.

I've been working through the story that I have thus far. I had to take out a number of things, including a satyr--which no longer belonged in this--and a number of other things that drew away from the steam punk atmosphere. I think what I took out won't be missed at all.

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