Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Short & Sweet

I remember when I had plenty of time to write, oh, so long ago.

Wow. That sounds a little like a poem's beginnings. But I'm not going in that direction. A number of people have been showing up here at Lorelei's Writing Journal. I'm glad to have you, all 9 of you! Some of you have left comments, and know I can't see my follower's list (I can't see anyone's list, actually), and you've been kind enough to leave me at least one comment so that I know who you are.

I've also joined the third Writer's Building Campaign, and so I've been working on getting around to people, but it's rather slow because I've only so much time in the day. Gotta sleep sometime. Gotta work to. And write. Since this is what I love to do.

Today my characters Sabrina Strong and Vasyl will meet the "Underwear Challenge" over on my sister blog,
Something Nebulous Within. I was tagged by Shelly of The Life of a Novice Writer. And I've tagged two men, for a change, so that should be interesting.

I'm on page 146 of my WIP and over 55,000 words! I began this in July. Hey! Got half a book done in 30 days! Not bad, considering I don't get to work on it more than a few hours at night, and maybe 3-5 hours/day on the weekend.

I'm not into a NaNoWri challenge only because I know it would only frustrate me. I've got too many things that frustrate me already.I have to make time to write at the end of the day, but I also have to network, and do my blogs.

But I can make my own challenges, and when the words come, they come. When they don't then I know I have to allow my mind to work on it and not try to put down so many words in a day. Usually it only takes me a night to come up with something to happen next. I consider where the book is going, or needs to go. If it sags too much in the middle, I need to pop something in there that gets things going again.

And that's what I like about fantasy. I just had a demon try to attack Sabrina in a woman's rest room. I thought it would be a little funny placing the whole incident in a lady's room in a restaurant, and when Sabrina's dagger kills it, it goes up in flames. Then she and the guy she's with have to get out of there quickly before someone finds the smoldering remains.

And now to go back to it all. 


  1. I love your blog so I am passing on two awards, The versatile blogger award and the irresistibly sweet blog award. Check out my blog post for details, congratulations!

  2. Oh! Well, thank you very much. I will come by a little later tonight.

    Thank you lisa-fee!

  3. Hey fellow campaigner :)

    I'm not a NaNo-er either; I'm only going to re-write those 50,000 words seven or eight times, so might as well focus on just getting it out when I can!

  4. Yeah, Lucy. Maybe 9,10 or so times just to make sure LOL!

    I am obsessive. I will rewrite a paragraph/page/chapter until I'm happy with it. I may come back to it again and again and find something not right. I'm an editing fool! But I try my best to make it as good as I can at that moment I read it. And that's really what a writer is.


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