Sunday, October 30, 2011

'Twas the Day Before Halloween....

Hey, I just realized it's Sunday and that's when I usually post here. I was just checking things out at the blogs, and I've been entering all sorts of contests left and right. Seems I've won a clutch bag from Vintage Halloween!

Isn't it cool? Thanks goes to Jenn at Vintage Halloween!

Yesterday my husband and I went to the Pumpkin Fest and downed certain foods that may or may not be good for us (definitely didn't need to eat the elephant ear!) We stopped to see some nieces, one of which was running a booth and I had to have some great hot chocolate!

Then we decided to hop over to a cool place called Blumen Gardens. It's not just a place that sells plants and flowers, it is a whole experience. The family that owns it began in their garage and then added to it across the street where an old brick warehouse stands (1870's). Because of it's historical value the city said they could not demolish it. I think they did a wonderful job in utilizing the space. The front has been turned into a hall where weddings and parties are held.

They've used the distressed, and primitives to add to the place. I wish I could have taken pictures, but maybe some day I'll return and have a new camera to take them with.

My purchases weren't many however I found something I thought I couldn't find anywhere near here. Out of all the things I like to decorate with, I love pumpkins. If I find something that catches my eye. I happen to like the distressed ones, when I find them The one I bought sort of looked like this one but it had a black witch's hat and he was more squished and darker--like a patina was added to it.

I only know that this looked the same as the one I bought, so I'm assuming it came from Pumpkin Hallow, but I'm going to say that they did because there were others like this one and various sized ones as well. So, cool that I could find something I really had wanted.

Last night we watched a Christopher Lee movie "Dracula-Prince of Darkness" In this one Dracula doesn't have any lines. I've learned that he refused to say them because I guess they were stupid lines that he felt would not add anything to the part. And actually his hissing and looking morbidly calm at other moments was better. My only complaint was the ending. The endings of these Hammer films always disappointed me. This one went on the vampire legend that said vampires couldn't cross running water. Sorry if I ruin the movie for you--you can skip this portion if you want--but they had him on ice at the end and the friar had a shot gun and shot at the ice, breaking it up and made Dracula fall into it and--I don't know what happened, as he couldn't have drowned, but froze. I know that another movie made after this has him coming back from this icy pond. I just felt it made him look idiotic when he should be more powerful. I don't think that Hammer ever had Dracula fly, or turn into anything else. And this business with taking two pieces of steel and making the form of a cross in my book isn't the same thing as a real crucifix. So Hammer just sort of fudged the lines a little bit.

However having said all that, this was a more bloodier movie than the others that I recall, since they (again, don't read this because I'll spoil the movie for you here, if you have not seen it) have a man killed, strung up by Dracula's servant and slit his throat over his ashes, filling up the stone vault he rests in. Not only that they did a bang up job of special effects in showing Dracula's body forming from the ashes--and use of the dry ice was rather clever in making the fog rise as well. This was made in 1965, way before we got all techno.

So, tonight I'm not sure which film we will see. We have four out--one down. Tomorrow we both have the day off and want to just do nothing important other than enjoy the day off. I think we'll go to a coffee shop, maybe brows some places for a cabinet for our kitchen.

But before I go I want to wish you all


  1. Happy HH to you, too. I'll be watching Ghost Hunters with Sir Poops and Hair Ball. Handing out candy, too.

  2. Sounds good! Happy Halloween back at you!

  3. Happy Halloween to you, too! I like the description of your pumpkin. We're really under-prepared this year. Got single-serving packets of chips/chippies/crisps but no candies/lollies! Ugh!
    Anyway, enjoy your day off!

  4. Happy Halloween. Sounds like you had a blast and I love that clutch bag, congrats on winning it.

  5. Thank you Freeda for stopping by. Just move to the country, then it won't matter if you aren't prepared LOL!

    Hey, Vivienne, thanks for swinging by today!

  6. Happy Halloween! And congrats on the bag. That's awesome! Considering how wordy Bram Stoker is in the original Dracula, it is kind of strange to imagine a Dracula with no lines. Then, again, I love the 1920s silent film Nosferatu, so it could work. :)


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