Sunday, November 25, 2012


Whew! I guess I wrote a book, my dears!

The first draft of my 5th novel, Vampire Crescendo, is completed. I'll probably tweak the ending a little bit. put it away and go back to my fourth one Vampire Caprice to tidy up.

This thing got to 92,636 words, and 246 pages at last count. Not my longest work, but darn close. This one has a lot going on and many villains who need to have a butt-kicking! Lots of stuff happening for Sabrina in this one. She sort of has to come to terms with the fact she's now married (If you are reading the series, you'll know who to). And her emotions are up and down in this, especially where her heart is concerned, because Dante is still very much in her life, and Tremayne is too, and once again depends upon her more than ever.

There's a reason I don't do NaNoWrMo. I really do not need to. I began the fledgling scenes of this fifth book back last year when I was still writing the fourth one. That's just how I am. My creative juices flow continuously. At the moment, I'm happy with not starting the sixth one. I'm currently on course to have 5 books in a series out by 2014/2015. I'd like to work on getting the ebook version of Spell of the Black Unicorn out. I've had Shelly Arkon be my beta reader, and she had to go through some junk on the original that I should have cleaned up first, but didn't have time. But I thank her for reading and critiquing it for me. So, that's high on my list in 2013, so we'd better not have an end to the world because I am not finished.

As a treat, having finished within the time I gave myself (over the Thanksgiving weekend), I watched The Deathly Hallows Part 1, last night. Tonight I'll watch part 2. I realized since I had not seen this movie since I saw it in the theater, it was almost like watching it for the first time, except for the ending where Doby was killed. That was sad, but it was triumphant for the way he came and helped his "friends" out and announced to his former owners "Doby is a free elf!" Loved that!

So, I leave this post with a sense of accomplishment and a niggle of hope that my third book, Vampire Nocturne will be out in time for Christmas.


  1. The juices are flowing, the thing is done, you go and jump up and down!
    You go, girl! So thrilled for you.
    Take a major chill/rest though!
    Congrats, my friend!

  2. Good for you Lorelei! Always worth a treat when you've finished something.

  3. Yes, Carole, taking a little break. (see how long it lasts, though, I'm such a work horse!)

    Thanks, Lucy. I like the journey and when I'm done I like the sense of accomplishment!

  4. Congratulations Lorelei. Wish I could be as prolific. Tons of Nano writers would pay big bucks for your creative flowing you think you could bottle it?

  5. OMG, I wish I could! I'd call it Lorelei's Magic Writing Elixir.


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