Saturday, May 11, 2013

Working Out The Kinks ... we hope

Things, technology-speaking, have progressed to the point of madness where if you don't up-date regularly, you will be left behind in the dust. If I were not an author you would not see me, I would not be on facebook, I'd be a nobody. Just me. Oh, how many times I'd lamented "If only I wasn't a writer, I could just go about a normal day (of boredom)."

When I first published "Spell of the Black Unicorn", back in 2008, I had this computer and had the Internet via dial-up, and it worked fine (I swear it was faster then than now). Still got dial-up, but this is going to change. Learning in the past few years that nothing comes simple, I knew when I got the new modem from my phone company that would give me faster Interent (wireless), I just knew there would be a snafoo. There always is a snafoo. And there was. You see, back before I got a surge protector the inevitable happened... my hook-up to the back of the computer got fried. Agrivation in the first degree! So I had to buy a new modem that fit into a port in the front. So that I could hook up from there to my phone line.
Now you'd think that any plug to the phone line would fit? NOOOOO! The one I got was huge. I had to call and tell them it wouldn't go in. Explained what I had and now they're sending me a new one.
If it fits, I'll be good. I'll not have to wait a half a day to do something on-line! And especially up-loading a full novel manuscript to be published at Amazon. Because no way in hell will I be able to do it with this slow as molasses. I sometimes have to get up early in order to do anything on-line, because later on, it's impossible.

So, as a result I'm holding off on getting Spell of the Black Unicorn - the eBook published because of this delay in getting faster Internet.
Since I didn't have a question this week (oh, boy have I been busy!)... I'm about to make a page here on facebook for the new book of my other series. I have yet to come up with a series name for it. But I wanted to give you all a heads up. This is a new edited version of "Spell of the Black Unicorn", from the original book of same name that came out in 2008. This is the cover. Any one interested in following it, I'll post a link to the page here, and invite as many as I can to come and "like" it.


  1. I had's been a while. I don't think they'd take me back. I used some pretty bad language in some of my calls to customer service and tech support....

  2. *laughs*
    I've used some too, but they didn't hear me. They're first language isn't English, so it would be lost in translation... (^;

  3. I make use of campus or library computers. It's all automatically high speed, so I don't have to worry about dial-up, which would tax my patience.

  4. I wouldn't know that luxury, William (^;


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