Sunday, June 29, 2014

Time In A Bottle

Not sure why I chose that title, only that I liked the song by Jim Croche. And possibly, that's what time is for me. Segments. Memories. Cycles...

What's up for Lorelei this summer:
I'm taking time off from my "regular" job. 2 months, to be exact. This is my birthday present from my husband to get me off that stupid bus, and to enjoy the summer. We plan on doing a few things together. He's taking a 4-day weekend for his birthday from the fourth of July through the seventh, so, we'll be on the loose. But we won't be going far. Just a stay-around the area, sort of time.
Dennis and me 2010 vacation in Taos, NM
I plan on doing some gardening--not that it's anything extraordinary, just small flower gardens. And trying to keep the wild grapevines tamed back in our jungle. I do have another brick pathway to put in, and that will require some muscle and digging. But I'm up to the task. Last year I was suffering from being over-weight. This year, after getting on the Atkins diet, I've trimmed 15 pounds off, and still have about 12 more lbs. to go to get to my goal weight of 125. I know it's possible, because I did it when the diet first came out. Now, they have meals, meal bars and so forth to keep me satisfied, and the carb counter booklet to help me plan meals.

Anyway, because my metabolism has been boosted, I've more energy, can go much longer doing the outdoor activities (as long as the rain stays away), than I have been able to do in years.

My birthday: Can you say "sexagenarian" without giggling?

My birthday is in August. I am a proud "Baby Boomer", but one who never did illegal drugs, and one or two drinks late afternoon is my limit. (With Atkins, I've gone to zero to occasional, because of the carbs and your body has to fight the alcohol first before it goes after the carbs.) And I don't look my age. Something in my father's genes, I'm sure. Plus, never smoked, or lay out in the sun, and never had children. So, I'm ahead of the game where stress is concerned.

Dennis doesn't like me to tell people my age. My sister always lies about hers--she's 10 years older--but I've never been embarrassed about my age. At the moment, I'm not certain about turning 60 (am I really that old?) The whole thing about being only as old as you feel is true--sort of. You are as YOUNG as you feel, in my opinion. I've always had this in the back of my mind "I'll never act my age." I'm still a kid at heart, have a lot of interests, which include outdoors, crafts and writing.

I'm fortunate to not have any health issues, and for that I am grateful. I actually don't trust doctors. I think they're too into money $ to really care about you as a person. A few years ago, I had a palpating heart beat--stress was the cause of it--I did go to a doctor, and he assured me there was nothing wrong with my heart. I was relieved. He gave me prescription for a sleep aide. Then, he wanted me to set up an appointment to have my cholesterol checked. Right. After not really having the money to pay for this doctor's visit, I was not going to spend more money on that test. I am not the type who goes off to a doctor at the first sniffle. At the first sniffle, I'm proactive about how I'm feeling. You'd be amazed at what gargling with hydrogen peroxide will do. I get a bit of tonsillitis every spring and I gargle and in a week it's gone. No sore throats either, probably because we use hand wipes or Purell to keep from catching and spreading germs. Another thing to stay away from is the all too-popular buffets. Think about how many people have touched the spoons to serve everything. Plus, it's not so good on the waistline, either.

The writer:
I'm calculating how long ago I began writing. Holy Crap! 42 years ago I began taking a big interest in writing. I think back to all the years spent where no one really took me under their wing and helped me get a few things right--the mechanics. I was also bad at grammar, and horrible at spelling. I'm dyslexic. I had to learn how to spell--I'm not quite as horrible as I used to be, surprised when I write some difficult word down and the little red line doesn't appear underneath it--I know how to spell that word?

Me in April 2013
Despite the fact that my publisher quit on me, last year, I've moved on and have gotten my books out there as an Indie. This year, number four in the Sabrina Strong series, Vampire Caprice, is published.
I am working on editing # 5 Vampire Crescendo, and am writing # 8, (Six Shades of Hell) so time off will help, since I need to concentrate on getting the plot worked out.

I've also got to put an ending to the book I worked on over the winter, Dhampir Legacy. I'll work on it when I feel I've a handle on the eighth book. Not sure when either one will be done. But I think 9 weeks is a good goal for me to get Six Shades at least 3/4's done, and try and put the end on Legacy.

Other Interests:
Over the winter I began crocheting, and am still working on 3 afghans at this time. This is something I picked up again, after years of not having any interest. Now, I find I enjoy the down-time from writing. It's an extension of my creative side that doesn't get stroked enough, so, picking this activity up again is something that makes me happy, and my husband likes to see it too. Especially when I made one huge granny square afghan for the bed, and two lap-ghans for each of us over the winter.

With summer I'll be outside more, when the weather cooperates. I've got raspberries coming on and I enjoy picking them, but don't like being stuck by the thorns. That's why earlier this spring I went in and cleared out the snarl in the small area where they grow. I had to go in there yesterday too, and trim back a few new growths. Once I get my berries, these can do whatever they want the rest of the growing period.

I don't want to think about working at my job, after tomorrow (Monday is my last day to work), as I want to be as far away from that mind-set as possible. Need to relax my mind and try and do the writing and other things I enjoy more than two hours a day.

That's my up-dates for now. Have a good week, all.


  1. Sounds like a great plan. Mmmm...raspberries.

  2. ~Ooo, yeah, Shelly.
    ~It really is, William

  3. ~Ooo, yeah, Shelly.
    ~It really is, William


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