Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Moon Lighting... well, sort of...

"Moonlight" starring Alix O'Loughlin, above,
ran for only one season and then they pulled the plug!
I love the show, "Moonlight" with Alix O'Laughlin as Mick St. John (he's a hunk).

The show was great. Someone should be blindfolded and shot for letting this show go off the air.

Okay, I got my rant done.

Wait, another one might come to me.

Anyway, To get you all up to speed, now that we're into the NANOWRIMO where no one does any blogging, unless it's to other people who aren't trying to get their writing quota done for the day (yup, you guessed it, I am not that focused OR abusive toward myself in that way.) (And yet, as a writer I get shit done).

I've just about put the nail in the coffin on one of my older manuscripts that has spent more time in the dark than Dracula.. Originally called "Vampire Legacy" it is now renamed AND rewritten, Dhampir Legacy. I've got to put the ending to it. Since I had the day off, I wrote the climax and have still got my nasty master vampire yet to be put to a final rest, but my dhampirs are going to get to that, eventually.

I stopped working on Sabrina Strong #8, to get this one done. And earlier--well, let me see, now, it would have been last month, I guess--I finished up first edits of #5. Have more to do there, but giving it a rest for now.

Not sure how much longer I will continue doing this. Really. I'm having to re-evaluate the reason why I write and figure out if it's all worth it.

Oh, and my husband just told me we'll have to pick a new plan with health insurance because we'll be paying nearly $150/mo--which would not be possible. And the odd thing is we're making less this year than last year. Isn't life just grand? Now I'll have to deal with that crap. AGAIN!!! ARG!!!

I'm going to sit and crochet rest of the afternoon.


  1. And I don't think I've heard of the series.

  2. Moonlight came on in 2007-08, pretty much soon after Buffy ended and there was a big lull in vampire-type shows. Moonlight was extremely well-written, and it was more for adult audience. The first and only season can be found on Internet. I think I found mine for $10 @ Walmart, and snagged it before I couldn't find it any more! Well worth it!
    And I sure will get back to writing! Thanks, William

  3. I know what you mean. It was a great show. Glad you're plugging along. I'm back on board now that my computer is acting normal.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  4. Now that it's cold, my office is cold. But I refuse to move the computer again this winter. Pleeeeeeze don't let this winter be as bad as last!!!!
    Good to hear you are back and have your computer trouble at bay (for now).
    Chocolate hugs!


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