Sunday, May 29, 2016


I am the most disorganized person. Okay, maybe not, but I'm right up there. A whirlwind is more organized than I am, and that's what my desk looks like constantly.

In the attempt to keep important things I need at my fingertips, I've put important passwords on my sidebar. I've put these things on note cards, too, but you think I can find anything? Take my Health Care account. I have lost my password for that. Don't even try to go and change it, you can't.

Then I got an email from the Social Security telling me to view my statement for the year. This year I have to apply for social security, in August, but I need to do this before my birthday. Probably at end of June. I figured I had my password somewhere. I didn't worry until this morning when I wend to look for it. I went through everything, my sidebar with the little notepads are--nope. My many note cards in a bin. Nope. In my date book in the notes area. Nope.

I've given up. I know I've visited the site, and had these things. Well, at leas I do have my social security #, I thought, and hit their site and what do you know? They have HOURS in which they respond to things.

Well fudge!

Ever have one of those mornings when all you touch goes haywire? That's my morning, so far. Think I'll go suck my thumb.

I've been working on another one of my blogs, "Got Vampire?", cleaning it up. Still working on that. I've had to go in and change all my book covers, and take out a number of things. This blog once belonged to Carole Gill, and she invited me to join her, and we were both on this blog together. Then, she went another way, but told me I could do whatever I wanted with the blog. I haven't been keeping up on it for a while, so when I went and looked at it the other day, I realized it needed overhauling. That's what I did yesterday. Almost there. Still need to work on a few things, take some things out. Make it simpler, not as crowded. I still have things to do. It takes a lot of work to keep up a blog. I've got too many, I'll admit.

Let me know what you think and get back to me.

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend (those of you in the US), otherwise have a good weekend!


  1. There are times I can be disorganized as well.

  2. Oh, it's nice I'm not alone on this. Still can't find the information. I'll have to go to the site and hope my ss # will help me through the mess.

  3. I applied for my Social Security in May, three months before my 62nd birthday. Didn't get my first check until October.

    1. That's what someone told me would happen. You know how the government is. They want you to file your taxes on time, but give you money (what's rightfully yours), they make you wait for it.


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