Monday, May 9, 2016

Light At The End of The Tunnel

This is finals week for NIU. As some of you who've visited me here know I drive a transit for a company that serves the college. Months ago, my husband and I determined I'd be able to take the summer off. We'd pay off the truck--and did!--just this past weekend. No more seeing the inside of Fifth/Third Bank. No more writing out a check for over $400 every month. We could survive on Dennis' pay check, for the three glorious months I'd be off. Especially, since he'd had a nice raise in his pay this spring.

I haven't had a full summer off in ages! This is going to be great! Usually, in order to get ready to leave for work by a little after 6:00am, we'd have to rise at 4am. Now, we'll be getting up at around 5am. Dennis' job is basically out his door, so he likes to get going on the mower, or do other things and have an early quitting time.

Me? I'll keep myself busy--somehow (hah!) I've gotten a handle on my woodland garden, in the first section. I've got to transplant a number of plants that need dividing, and there's other big projects I want to do.

Writing, I'm not going to push myself, but that will come as there'll be plenty of rainy days, or later when it's too hot/muggy for me to work outside.

So, I've got 4 more days to drive, and I'm chomping at the bit, so to speak.


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