Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Flowers Brings Summer Writing!

You would never guess that this pretty lady above is just a lowly day lily that you see along roadsides around here. I'd forgotten how pretty the flowers are. This one I transplanted into my little garden along with my daisies--you see it in the background with the "blanket flower" below.

 Here is a new-comer to my garden, the ice plant, a succulent, which loves the sun, but I water it everyday so it doesn't dehydrate.

 And here are more succulents, the "moss rose", which can give you various different colored flowers on one plant, and I love them. I remember my mother planting these in the small area by our backdoor when I was little.

Below is another newcomer. These tiny flowers are a bit blurry because they are so small, but this is Irish moss, and it's very durable as a ground cover. I was shocked to find it at Walmart. It had another name, which escapes me at this time, but I looked it up and found out what it was under the common name--Irish moss.

Other than my gardening adventures, I've been working on my writing. Put ending on second murder mystery, but I know I've got a few little details to add to it, as I keep thinking up things I didn't put into it.

And, I've got the third book trying to germinate, plus something else that's very different for me and it won't leave me alone--a sci fi. I'm not sure if I'll attempt this. I've never written or read one before, so I'm not sure I should write it.

And on that note, the Star Trek bug has bitten me. I can't believe its inception was 50 years ago, and since then, they have made more shows and movies, and are about to release a new show, I believe. Unfortunately, I can't get the channel this will be on, but I've been watching the original show on TV, and "Star Trek, The Next Generation" on line (the ones they let you watch).

Well, as Mr. Spock would say, "Live well and prosper" all you Trekians, and fellow writers. See you when I've another update.


  1. The only plant I can manage to keep alive is a cactus that has managed to stay around for a year plus with me.

    I know they've been filming the new Star Trek series in Toronto.

  2. Oh, yeah--Star Trek: Discovery. That's on CBS All Access, isn't it? That's one of the streaming channels we get.

  3. ~William. Cactus need little attention and water. Mother-in-law's tongues can survive attention deprivation for a while, too.
    And that's cool. I had no idea they were filming it in Toronto. You should try and get a bit part as maybe some alien life form???

    ~Norma, yes CBS. If you do live streaming, you should get it.

  4. We do a LOT of streaming. We gave up cable in favor of streaming.

    1. I can understand that. Why use cable when you can do that?
      We go with the free antenna. I've never paid for TV reception.

  5. Sounds like all this gardening is making you turn a new leaf. 🤣Sorry Lorelei--couldn't help it.


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