Friday, August 5, 2011

Motivation for Characters

the albino vampire
In my notebook a page is open and on it written in green highlight ink the question is posed:

~is it to keep her safe?
~ or to kill the Albino?

You always have to continuously ask yourself these questions when working on the WIP.
Bill Gannon is a character I've introduced in the second book. And since the second book has not yet come out, I won't go into him too much. But he has a secret that is revealed in the second book, but he has a few more secrets that I'm wanting to explore in this fourth book. A little more of this background, too.

The picture above is not Bill. It reminded me so much of another character that is in my fourth book. He is the villain. He is called "the Albino". But he is a type of vampire that I'm introducing in the series in the fourth book, which I can't even talk about here, because it would give too much away.

But, the Albino is pretty nasty. Making him as nasty as I can, includes causing the death of innocents. And one scene I have not quite put together as yet, but I've got a portion of it done.

The fourth book is now at over 31,000 words, and I'm on page 84, a few more since this morning. I've been going to town on this book this past week since I've been off work.  Thank's to my husband for allowing me the time off. I make no vacation pay, thus I'm simply off.

On Monday we are leaving for the North Woods. Wisconsin, to Lake Superior. I'm taking a lot of pictures. We've never been up there before. I can't wait!

Of course I'm bringing notebooks, my little recorder, and whatever else I might need, just in case I have to get some scene down. The break will give me time to mull over what to do about Bill.


  1. Lake Superior is beautiful this time of year. Transplanted here to steamy Louisiana, I miss Michigan.

    You are so right. Purpose drives us as humans, so it drives our novels as well. Without our characters having purpose on each page, our novels become swamps of directionless actions. Love your new blog, Roland

  2. Hey, Roland! So glad you stopped by. I was wondering if anyone ever read this blog. Thanks for the input.

    Yeah, I bet you do miss that area. It was beautiful. But I'll bet the winters are a bad??

    Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment!


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