Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Need to Cool Down

Very Hot Out There!!!
Heat Indexes are over 100!

So, here's a picture of butterbeer for you all to cool off with!

I had to put this picture up. I needed to cool down some.
I went for a walk early today, early. Like around 6:30 to beat the heat/sun. The humidity was not kind. Fortunately we well get a cool front coming through tonight and that should bring things back down into a range that is civil.

My walk was productive. I had a scene I was trying to put together in my WIP. I didn't want it to be frivolous, and yet I needed a little action sequence here. I'm delving into my characters. I'm enjoying being able to write in 3rd person/different characters. I felt something different was needed, as I may have said before. The fourth book was in me and I can tell you it is flooding out of me. But I may be on a break/hiatus soon. We're planning on a 3-day trip north into the woods of Wisconsin and up to Lake Superior. I've never been that way before. Might be rather enjoyable and hopefully not hot!

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