Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Fourth Book is Coming along

I never know how a book will write itself out. I don't know how quickly I'll have ideas come along. Also, I don't know if I'll have time to write, besides the time I devote to it on the weekends and afternoons or evenings.

The second one, Vampire's Trill, took me a while to work on. I knew what I wanted to do, where it was going from nearly the beginnning, and I knew also how I wanted it to end. There's some real emotional points in this one. No one knows but me right now, how it does end.

The third book I knew what I wanted to do with it--that Sabrina would be on a new world almost during the entirety, and it would be stuck in the Victorian age. But the integral moments, what I call "OMG" moments were not easy to come by. But once I got the book past a certain point, each segment where I needed a real eye-opener, it simply came. I think I was working on the second book--my re-writes--and thus couldn't divote time and my brain power toward the third one, until I was done with the second one.

This time, with the second book with my editor, and I don't feel too much pressure, I'm going to give my writing needs the reins. The third book is done, I merely have to do re-writes and my edits on it, but I'm holding off. I've promised myself to give myself a little break and not work at a break-neck speed.

The fourth book wants to come out of me. Once I sat down and wrote scenes, another one came and more ideas flooded me. I barely had time to write the notes down, let alone the scenes. But I'm about to be on a 2 week break, and I'll be able to do a whole lot of writing during this hiatus from the bus, and getting up at 4 a.m. to get ready for work. I'll be able to work at night later, and get up later. The scenes are coming along and I'm wondering how all these characters are going to mesh and when the villain will strike. Because I've already introduced him in the third chapter.

At this point my 4th book (Crescendo), I've gotten into chapter 6. I know which way I have to point it, and I've got some clues for her to follow, and new characters to introduce, and this one is very different, from a writing perspective, as I'm writing in different POV's. This won't just be in Sabrina's first person. I'm writing from 3rd person in Tremayne's voice, and a few others that I don't identify right away. I think it will be fun and a challenge for me to write.  

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