Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Idea Train Keeps on Rolling

I've already begun thinking about the next book. Yeah. #4!

At the moment the title has been chosen ahead of time and so for right now it will be called Vampire Crescendo. I've another title I might consider. I have come up with possible titles when I began this series. All are based on classical music, either the title of certain works, or simply musical dynamic directions. The only one so far that deviates from this title idea is Beyond the Black Veil, merely because it is a little different, has different characters in it than the others, and she is on another world almost throughout the entire book, and the time period is Victorian. A sort of steampunk but not quite.

Friday morning I had a scene in my head with Tremayne and Sabrina and Rick. I had to write it down best I could and also brought my little recorder to work with me and did make a number of short memos and ideas on certain scenes when I took my breaks off the bus.

A hot scene between Tremayne and Sabrina was in my head while I drove (not the best place to be thinking about such things, but I was able to drive and think about it while sitting at lights). They are in a motel room, and the two of them have an argument over Tremayne going out and biting someone for a blood meal. Words are exchanged and Tremayne says something that Sabrina takes exception to and goes to slap him. He catches her wrist. She tries to slap him with the other one. He catches that one and they both stare at one another. Suddenly, they begin kissing. The passion builds, Sabrina wants the big vampire, reaches down for his fly zipper, and then Rick walks in and interrupts them.

I snicker about this one. I think it's fun and funny at the same time.

I'm working on the tease angel in this one. Tremayne and Sabrina have only been together once and it wasn't quite the consummation that these two need. So, I thought I might address it in this book. However, the romance between them has to heat up and there is also many other things of import that need to be addressed.

I'm not ready to actually write this. I'm writing scenes as they come to me, writing notes down about what I think should happen in this. This one will be a challenge because of the content. I don't mind the challenge, but I may have to mull this over a little bit. Child abduction is a terrible, and serious crime. I had wanted Sabrina to be able to be involved in saving a little girl from the very beginning when I had ideas for this series. I feel that this might work in with everything else that is happening around her.

Basically, the story's underlying problem is: Sabrina is wanted--dead or alive--on Dark World. Demons as well as vampires are out to get her for the reward money, and Tremayne is trying to protect her and because the demons and vampires know where she lives, they wind up traveling across the Midwest--I have not decided where they might wind up as yet--and there will be some interesting encounters along the way.

Well, I think I'll go and work on my #3.

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