Monday, December 26, 2011

The Numbers & Winner of Contest!

I had a fun month, getting the word out about Vampire's Trill, and had a lot of help in that department from many of you.

On December 9th, at one point Vampire's Trill was ranked at #101,420! On December 10th it had gone down only a little at # 141,501 on Amazon--up 176,579 ranks from Thursday (the 8th). These were the ebooks, as the paperback wasn't yet out. My book held on for three straight days and then it finally went back down, but I'm not disappointed at all!

The eBook had just come out around the first of December and on the 3rd, it was at #178,945.

The interesting news for me was that on the 9th, all three of my books had some sort of activity--yes, even Spell of the Black Unicorn, which was my self-published book.

So, these numbers were really good for a new book's release, and I have to thank all who took part to get the word out, including the blogs which I had been hosted at.

It isn't easy to hold to those numbers, not when there are millions of books at Amazon. And this book is on Smashwords too, so I have no idea how it's doing there.

I want to thank Dora Dee for working her fingers to the bone on her blackberry, and having done the very first review on my second book. She has won a signed paperback for all her work and her enthusiastic support of all my works, as well. Congratulations, Dora!


  1. Congrats to Dora! *stands and applauds*


  2. Thank you Lorelei! It was my pleasure as I really believe in the Sabrina series and in you. I will keep spreading the word as much as I can. I'm relatively new in the publishing game but I know that all good things come to those who believe. Belief comes first, but belief must be backed up with hard work and a lot of sacrifice. You are a great testament to this.

    James, thanks for your congratulations too. I humbly take a bow.


  3. Excellent! Jimmy is not feeling well, but he's taking time out to visit us! YAY!

    Dora, you are a sweet lady. I'll be sending this book off to you soon!


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