Friday, December 16, 2011

Time Flies... It's nearly Christmas

We have not gotten snow, and so it feels less like it's nearly Christmas, and more like... I don't know... Thanksgiving. No snow on the ground at all. We've had a big rain the other day (all night and day), and in another week from today we are looking at Christmas Eve.

As it is usually a time for family to get togethers, we have no place to go, and so will stay home. We don't mind, really. We used to go to 4 gatherings and it was simply too much. Now, it might seem odd that my husband and I would rather stay home and go no where, but after our long two weeks of driving transit--and especially driving at night, having to deal with people's questions, rudeness, or the terrible traffic--we do not mind it one bit.

I've begun a new novel... actually it is a novella, and it is more in the horror genre. And I don't expect it to be a series, just a one book thing. I've new characters to invent, and new places to build. I'm trying to get into my MC, as she is different from my Sabrina Strong character. She has to be. I hate when authors (especially well known/established) come out with a new series and the MC sounds a lot like the MC in her regular series. So, it's been a slow start. But that's okay. Once I am off for 17 long days, I will find her voice and probably go like the wind on this new story.

Probably I'll also get a little cleaning done that has been neglected around the house... those nasty little corners, and dust bunnies that look like they might take over the world.

What are your plans for the holidays?


  1. Good luck on finding the voice for your novella! I love changing things up like that. It's also a good way to stretch your writing muscles, you know? Have a good and restful holiday.

  2. Thanks, Lisa, for stopping by. I enjoyed your blog post today. Very informative.

    I'm looking forward to the "restful" part of the holiday. (^;


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