Saturday, December 17, 2011

Working on WIP & Short Story Out

I was actually able to write chapter two today and on into chapter 3.  I don't try to work toward a word goal. I think too many times a writer can get too trapped by a word count. If you progress in a natural way, I think you will find that you will see the blank pages fill up. I have found that trying to hit a word count, at least for me, actually frustrates me and I'm unable to write anything.

I found out that Dark Moon released the book in which my short story appears. And I'm sorry, but I've tried to enter the site where this is, and couldn't--it's very long and I just gave up. Suffice it to say you can find it on Amazon. And if you wish you can find the link on my facebook, should you really, really want to go and check it out.

Here is the cover.
This was the story I worked on through October and maybe into November. An all-call was given for vampire fiction--short stories. I knew I had a few older stories I could re-write. I chose something written about 10 years ago called "The Spy Who Bit Me". I was actually taking the title from a James Bond movie that may have been out around that time "The Spy Who Loved Me". So a play on words har-har.

Another short story I had worked on did not make the cut, but I was not expecting it too. It wasn't quite what they wanted. But, I've made contact with this publisher, and I know that I might be able to approach them again, perhaps with my mystery novel--which I hope to work on after I get this novella done. I've got some projects lined up next year and hope to find these published eventually.

I've thought about doing the Indi thing, but I'm not convinced I have the time, patients or even the know-how to do it at this time. Possibly in some future time, I might try and get Spell of the Black Unicorn into an ebook format and do that one myself.


  1. I look forward to seeing your other works come out. :)


  2. Well, I used to go by word count but that's changed. I block out chunks of time and write what I can. Sometimes it flows. Sometimes it doesn't.

    And I also look forward to more of your stuff.

  3. Well, thank you Nellie.

    Thank you Shelly. I think when you have so little time to divote to writing, this is all you can do, Shelly. And when it flows it's great. When it don't well, we just push ourselves and eventually the dam breaks. (^;

  4. Congrats on the short story!!! That's awesome. It's a great step forward.


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